Kanabo Research is an R&D company based in Tel Aviv, Israel that innovates cutting edge solutions for the medical Cannabis industry. Kanabo focuses on vaporization for medical application, developing targeted Cannabis formulations designed to work in synergy with their medically certified delivery systems. The formulations will begin undergoing clinical validation later this year, and the VapePod is in the final stages of certification as a medical device by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The drug-device combination is designed to deliver the company’s patent-pending formulations to treat specific ailments with precision and consistency.


Kanabo Research was born out of Founder and CEO Avihu Tamir’s personal experience working with medical Cannabis patients in Israel. In Israel, a medical Cannabis patient is often directed to smoke his or her prescription – or even mix it with tobacco to ‘make it burn better.’ Concerned about the long-term health effects of smoking, and especially smoking tobacco, Avihu began exploring and providing healthier routes of administration for Israeli Cannabis patients.

After deciding to focus on vaporization solutions, Avihu found that there were no medical vaporizers for Cannabis patients available on the market. He started to change this by importing vaporizers for Israeli medical Cannabis patients. Avihu has now worked with hundreds of patients over the last several years to provide training, consultation, and support for medical Cannabis vaporization solutions.

Kanabo Research takes this work even further – seeking to fill a gap in the market for both medically certified vaporizers along with medically validated formulations of Cannabis extracts. Kanabo is dedicated to developing safer, accessible, and medical alternatives for Cannabis patients in Israel and around the world.


Kanabo Research innovates medical Cannabis formulations for vaporization. Kanabo provides precise, consistent, and trusted Cannabis medicine solutions, initially focusing on Central Nervous System disorders, through targeted formulations and clinical validation.


 “Kanabo means Cannabis in Esperanto, the language constructed in the 19th century as a means of international communication. The goal of Esperanto was to find a means of overcoming the natural indifference of people to bring humankind together. That concept of fellowship and hope inspires and drives Kanabo Research activities.”