Company Profile

Kanabo Research Ltd. is a clinical R&D company developing and medically validating cannabis drug-device combinations that include innovative formulations of medical cannabis extracts developed to work in synergy with certified, medical grade delivery systems. Initially, Kanabo focuses on the development of vaporizer solutions for the medical cannabis industry that can target Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders with precision and consistency.

Why Focus on Vaporization?

There are many medical routes of administration for cannabis, including inhalation, pills/capsules, sublingual sprays/tinctures, topical lotions or patches, and more. The bioavailability and onset times of cannabis medicines are affected by temperature control and route of administration. For cannabis, oral ingestion leads to roughly 10% bioavailability over many hours, where inhalation can range from 30 to 50% bioavailability of cannabinoids in a much shorter amount of time (Ohlsson, 1980).

Smoking is the conventional way to inhale cannabis, but the many health risks associated with smoking are well known. The combustion process releases dangerous toxins and inhaling cellulosic (plant) material is damaging to the lung, heart, and body. Vaporizing is the healthier alternative for patients who want the higher bioavailability and faster onset times of inhaling cannabis (Lanz, 2016). Vaporization occurs at lower temperatures than combustion – hot enough to extract the beneficial compounds of the plant without releasing the damaging ones (Gieringer, 2004).

Vaporizing cannabis extracts can be even safer than vaporizing raw plant material, by both removing cellulosic and fibrous materials and concentrating the active compounds of the plant. Vaporizing cannabis extracts maximizes therapeutic impact with a smaller, more concentrated treatment dose. However, data regarding this phenomenon is lacking and more studies need to be done.

Development Pipeline

In year one of operations, Kanabo Research has already achieved several significant milestones, including:

  • Established an R&D lab in the Weizmann Science Park in Rehovot, Israel that includes cGMP and GLP compliance, bio-analytical capabilities, extraction capabilities, and a clean room for formulation development.
  • Earned licenses from the Israeli Ministry of Health to conduct R&D activities with medical cannabis regarding device development, extraction/formulation, and pre-clinical studies.
  • Developed the dosable VapePod® vaporizer, along with US based device partner, which was initially approved as a medical device by the Israeli Ministry of Health. This is the first extract-based vaporizer approved for medical use in Israel.
  • Acquired two provisional patents for Kanabo’s first formulation, targeting sleep disorders
  • Developed strategic partnerships with licensed medical cannabis producers in Israel for raw research material and with distribution partners in Europe for regional sales.
  • Designed the next generation “smart” VapePod MD vaporizer platform along with associated mobile application to gather usage data for medical and research purposes.
  • Initiated pre-clinical trials of Kanabo’s targeted formulation for sleep disorders, and is achieving impressive results in early findings.

Moving forward, over the next year Kanabo will be focusing on:

  • Final approval of the VapePod® as a medical device from the Israeli Ministry of Health
  • Comprehensive medical validation activities for the sleep disorder formulations
  • Continued development of other formulations in Kanabo’s pipeline, including the formulations targeting chronic pain and anxiety disorders as well as Kanabo’s Low-THC formulations for Focus, Serenity, and Relief.
  • Initial medical validation activities for formulations in the development pipeline
  • Ongoing development of the “smart” VapePod MD vaporizer platform

Long term, Kanabo aims to be a world leader in the development of phytocannabinoid formulations for medical use along with innovative, medical grade delivery systems that transform the way we develop, create, prescribe, and use medical cannabis.

Interested Investors

Kanabo Research recently closed their second CLA round, and is in the process of raising Series A funding. If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities with Kanabo Research, please complete the inquiry form and a member of our Investor Relations team will follow up with you directly.